guilt trippin’ ambulance ride

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(edit #1- here’s a fun game: count how many times i say “i mean” in this post.  yikes…)

so, my hunt for new podcasts has lead me to realize that there are many people in this world with mac computers and something on their mind and a soothing voice to record their thoughts for the world.  OH MAN, there are SO many podcasts! Who could POSSIBLY be listening to all of them?  Well, i mean, i guess not everyone listens to EVERY single one of them, but i mean… some of these?  Who would EVER listen to these?  But i guess, somewhere, in internetland, there is enough people to sustain any odd community.  Isn’t that the magic of the internet?
I mean, now that i think about it, take my comic for example!  I really appreciate everyone who reads my scribblings!  Thanks so much for reading this strip!  knowing that people read it is enough to keep me making it, and i know that i’m improving the more that I do it.  Thanks so much!  hopefully it brings a smile to your face!
So, just a reminder for the peeps that check back every once in a while but probably have no clue as to what is happening in the story, if you have a free twenty minutes and nothing to do, maybe it’s a slow day at the office, click the “Slow day” tab at the top of the page!  It is every strip in this story line to this point.  today is the 82nd strip in this story line, which means there are 18 left!  WHATS GONNA HAPPEN!?  actually, i know what’s going to happen.