earbuds: you better watch out.


I actually found this super sweet “life hack” thing about how to wrap little annoying cords so that they never ever tangle.  Throw up the ol’ horns, and wrap the chord in a figure around your fingers.  Then you grab it from the middle, and as long as you clump it down in one big mess, it won’t ever tangle.  Or you can use excess cord to wrap it nice and tight.  Yay!  Here’s the actual video showing you how to do it:
The Horn Method (skip to about 2:50)

Anything I can do to help people with earbud problems.  I honestly think everyone needs to wrap their headphones like this, it’s super easy, it works really good, yeah.
So I’m posting this ahead of time!  Though you are reading this sometime on tuesday, I am typing this on monday night.  It’s a DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME MIRACLE!  But actually, I just can’t seem to wake up early ever since the ol DST kicked in and destroyed everything by way of my morning routine.  I hope you all have a good tuesday!  If you like the comics, do me a favour and share them!  facebook, whatever.  It would be much appreciated!