with style

2013-3-18MWAHAHA!  I am so happy with this comic.  It was fun to draw.  I’ve had a number of people comment that the new art style for this little punk known as charlie is a little too minimalist, compared to the older, less simplistic style…. so i figure, hey…  Maybe i’ll bring back some extra detail once in a while, and try to combine the two, or just keep experimenting with the various styles?  Hope you like it.
Today, well, actually today is monday for you reading this, but today for me is Saturday writing this!  Today we took our dog to the vet to get some shots.  I couldn’t stay in the same room as my poor suffering dog!  oh man, i’m a big suck.  first, i don’t sell her for 3,000 dollars to some chinese guy, and now I can’t stand to see the little rat suffer through a couple of shots.  -sigh- this dog is making me a softie.  Soft, like her fur, as she shakes in my arms, cause she’s scared of the vet!  OH MAN.
As we are on our way to the vet, and i’m kinda nervous about it, Diana noticed that I had bed-head.   I gotta say, as a guy who spends absolutely no time on making my hair look good, this didn’t bother me one bit… but the timing!  THE TIMING bothered me!  I mean, our dog got a needle IN HER NOSTRIL.  Who even thinks to stick a needle up there?  OH MY GOSH.  Seriously:  More pressing issues!  So i ran my hand through my hair and the problem was solved forever.  For real.