don’t play with fire


2013-3-22bI am terrified of starting barbecues, oil lamps, gas fireplaces, camp stoves, gas stoves, and pretty much anything that requires a lighter and a regulating valve.  I’m terrified of the lighter not sparking properly, the fumes getting out of hand in the meantime, and then when the lighter finally ignites, the fumes are caught and i am consumed in a ball of fire.  Honestly.  This fear may be irrational, and actually is ACTUALLY irrational.  But!  It was ingrained in me as a kid!  don’t play with fire.  DON’T PLAY WITH FIRE, or else the rescue-911 people will come, and then OUR house will be the one on the TV.  BUT!  then, 20 years later, you get to be an adult, and YOU HAVE TO PLAY WITH FIRE.  TO HEAT YOUR HOME.  and COOK THE FOODS.  MAN!

MY GOODNESS is it ever a good thing that my wife Diana is not afraid of any of this.  If she were afraid, our house would be FREEZING.  It is very cold in the house right now, and Diana is not here, which means that I will have to warm myself with a cup of coffee, and my dog coffee.  BRRRRR!  Best part of marriage- covering each other’s fears off.  woot!  Maybe not the best part, but a benefit to be sure.

Apologies for all of the caps-lock yelling in this post.  I have to yell to keep warm.
(it’s actually only like 5 degrees Celsius, not even really that cold.)