2013-3-25bPeople say getting a puppy is a good way to train a young couple for baby-times… I think this is probably true.  A little puppy has forced some big changes in my life… For example, things (like vacuuming, or treadmilling, or hanging a picture, or making a cup of coffee) are incredibly more complicated, and/or loud, due to my dog’s fears and insecurities.  I think it’s good to get a taste of that, cause i’m sure life changes pretty huge once there is the development of one wholly-other life in the mix, and it’s nice to be eased into it.
When grinding coffee beans, the dog (whose name is coffee… confusing?  yeah.  i’ll just call her the dog) gets so scared that she goes and hides.  Sometimes, in the closet, which is a place she never goes… or under the bed, which is where she is 90% of all unsupervised time, or she’s behind the toilet, or whatever. so then, when I go to leave for work, and i want to make a press of coffee (which usually takes 5 mintues), I end up spending 15 minutes looking in all the places in the house she could have fled, in the midst of her fit-of-terror.  How will this translate to having children?  I don’t have a clue, probably that i’ll have to make five trips to the van, once to hold coffee, once to hold the diaper bag, once to hold the dog, then once to hold the kid.  I guess that’s only four trips, but i mean, that’s 3 more than normal.  I can see how young families have a hard time.  Craziness!