…darn kids!

2013-3-27I wanted the last panel of this comic strip to be kids laughing at me.  I mean charlie.  Because this isn’t auto-biographical AT ALL.
But, I don’t really know how to draw kids.  With the new style, charlie has a bit of a kid-look to him…  but i can’t really figure out how to do kids in this new way.
Most of my favourite comic strips have kids at the centre.  Calvin and Hobbs is by far my favourite, and i have a soft spot in my heart for Charlie brown, and I’ve been reading through the years of bloom county!  SO!  completely un-authorized cameos.  I hope i don’t get in trouble, i can’t imagine that it would be a big deal, and if it is, i’ll just change it.  It’s not like i’m making money off of it.  Sometimes I forget how much fun it is to draw other people’s characters!

Everyone, have a great wednesday!  My parents fly out tomorrow night.  How exciting!