that goes for you too, Abercrombie!

2013-4-4I’m pretty sure that this is joke has been made a million times, but I don’t really care.  This strip is more for Diana, I think she’ll get a kick outta it.  I think stores that do this are stupid.
When you go to a thrift shop, everything is florescent lighted, and you can see all of the weird stains on all of the weird clothes that you’re gonna buy.  Colours don’t look great under florescent light, it’s hard on the eyes and you never really know what it’ll look like under normal lighting situations, but at least you can see the stuff.  I guess when you go to a retail store like abercrombie and fitch or hollister, people assume that the clothes are gonna be awesomely trendy and in great condition… but i mean, COME ON!  I wanna SEE what the clothes will look like!  It’s bizzare to me, especially with hollister, as it’s supposed to be this sorta california surfer brand, that it would be dark in there… night time surfing, i guess? I don’t know.   Whatever.  I guess i’m officially an old man.