When everything goes sideways


The fact is, a lot of needless unfair awful messed up stuff happens in the world every day, and for the most part, goes unnoticed by me and probably most north americans like me… Sometimes, when it hits a little closer to home (aka, our continent), and it is really public and awful (like, a bombing at a marathon, or a shooting in a movie theatre, or a bomb threat at a highschool, or what-have-you), it snaps me out of my blissful ignorance, and I look around and realize just how dark this world can be.  Sometimes, meaningless, awful, senseless things happen… it can’t really be explained in a way that is satisfying.

In those moments, do we need to laugh?  I don’t know.  I know some people do… for some people, that is how they process irrational tragedies… they find humour in it and try to move on.  I personally don’t process stuff that way, and so today’s comic (drawn yesterday, inbetween reading news updates and praying and wishing the world wasn’t like this) isn’t really meant to be funny, at all.  It’s meant to be sad…  everything is sideways.  The world has gone mad.   No, the world has been mad for a very long time…  But this isn’t the end.