Perusing the radio.

2013-4-17Three things!

1)  On the odd occasion where i have a meeting in vancouver, or I have to pick up parents from the states, or I have to drop off my brother at the airport, and I get to carpool in with Diana and drop her off at work, we get to listen to the radio!  Yay!  On my scooter, I don’t get the radio.  Let me tell you, since i’ve started scooting again, i thought i was going through radio withdrawal, not up with the latest of the pop culture!  Aside from “Q”, i really haven’t been missing ANYTHING.

2)  North Korea!  ugh.

3)  Click on the “store” tab!  There’s something new for you to buy!  YAY!  I’ll do a better promo of it for tomorrow, but CHECK IT OUT!