you gotta watch your back

2013-5-31For real, costco can be a VERY dangerous place.  people hover, hiding behind the nearest freezer unit, and as soon as that paper cup drops and a little morsel is placed on it… I’ve never seen so many people materialize out of nowhere.  Costco is where ninjas happen.
I always feel socially obligated to complement the product i’m sampling to the people who… supervise? the sample tables.  Yesterday I saw a guy who felt socially obligated to have full blown conversations with the sample people.  It was awesome, and if it weren’t for the fact that it was making it impossible for the sample person to tell the 30 people who had gone through in the mean time what product they were sampling, i’m sure it would of been appreciated.  Or maybe not!



2013-5-29hahaha.  this really gets me.  what are people thinking when they give a back handed compliment?  do they think that it will slide unnoticed?  do they think they are helping anything?  more likely, they just want to share what is on their mind, but in a way they won’t be confronted over… OR, there is always the possibility that they didn’t want to say anything, but someone JUST HAD TO DIG, and it’s the only way they can be honest?  HO.
Anyways, back handed compliments.  They are DOOZIES.


Coffee Flavor

2013-5-28i can be a very socially awkward person.
So, when a person asks me what flavor of coffee i’d like, but what they are intending to ask me is if i want room for cream and sugar, and refuse to take “Just… just plain black coffee” as a legitimate answer, i tend to freeze up.  Sugar flavored coffee? blecht.


The problem with waterslides

2013-5-27Waterslides can be a very stressful thing.  This comic was inspired, nay, WRITTEN, by the very man who actually inspired Charlie and the Ghost from the ghet-gho!  AKA, Charles.  AKA, Karl.  Hope everyone is having a great monday!  Just think:  you COULD go watersliding tonight!  Even if you just go to your public pool!  WATERSLIDES!


chef gordon ramsey is my homeboy

2013-5-24…pretty sure that would be THE FASTEST way to get kicked off of ANY of the shows that Gordon Ramsey is a part of.  All the food looks so good!  All I know how to make is crepes.  Or “flap jaques”, just incase you didn’t see me make that joke a couple weeks ago.  It still cracks me up, I gotta admit.
The european version of “kitchen nightmares” is one of my favourite “reality tv” shows.  If Gordon Ramsey saw any of the kitchens I worked at in my illustrious cooking career, we would have been on the top of the list to film on the “canadian edition” of kitchen nightmares.  The american version I don’t really like because they focus WAY too much on the drama of people hating each other and not near enough time on Chef Ramsey actually showing people how to improve their restaurants.
Anyhoo, every time I watch any of these shows, I can’t help but think about how badly I would fail in a kitchen competition.  I don’t have a great track record with gourmet cooking.


…yes they can.

2013-5-23I really don’t like doing speech bubbles like this.  I also don’t like that I can’t use my wacom, i can HARDLY WAIT until I can draw with it again, it makes stuff so much easier.  I do much of the drawing on the iPad, but it is limited in what I can do on it, and it isn’t limited on the wacom.  Or at least, it isn’t usually.

On a positive note, I can lift my arm up to the table with a little help!  I am, infact, typing this with the keyboard on the desk instead of it being on my lap, so there is some progress!  I shouldn’t push it too hard though.
Once I stop obsessing about my stupid shoulder, my mind will be free to think up comics that actually make sense. haha.