Betcha try to hum along

2013-5-8So… I have been watching a LOT of seinfeld.  With our PVR, I don’t even bother looking at what is on TV LIVE.  WHO NEEDS IT!?  All I do is go to the “recorded episodes” of seinfeld, of which I get 2 new a day and we were gone all last week leaving a SUPER back-log, and watch em’ through!  What kills me about that show isn’t all of the big gags, and the loud acting, the observational banter… It’s always the quiet lines delivered quickly without missing a beat that just get to me!

“You shouldn’t of put cookies in his mouth!”

the first person who can tell me what episode that is from, and which character says it, you get a faux-gold star.  I would even send the faux-gold star to you in the REAL mail.  For real.   I honestly laughed for like a minute.