good ol’ silent mode


You aren’t supposed to cry over spilled milk, but what about spilled coffee?

This.  happens.  regularly.  first.  world.  problems.  Have a great long weekend everyone!

totally normal and legitimate



This is a legitimate place, I assure you… though I may have filled in some of the blanks on the details.
Anyways, bed and breakfasts really creep me out.  I don’t like the idea of having to talk to people.  You are… paying… to stay in someone else’s home?  WEIRD.  I don’t mind paying to stay in a faceless corporation’s hotel stall, but for some reason, i just can’t get my mind around paying to be a guest.  I know a TON of people that love B&B’s, and honestly I wish I could be one of them.
So close to where I live, there are probably five B&B’s within a block or two.  One of them, a pretty nice looking one actually, finds it’s owner sitting tighty-whitey and shirtless on the deck every morning on my commute to work.  -shudder- not the best advertisement.

look alive, joe!

2013-6-26Hmm.  hope the font isn’t too small on this one.
If you go to the vedder mcdonalds ever, you know what i’m talking about!

Very tired.  Last night we moved my mom and dad into their new place.  YAY!  exciting.  I also got to look through a box of really old “all the cool stuff of rob’s worth keeping box” which was fun for me and dull for everyone else.  IN ANY CASE!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Property virgins

2013-6-25bSometimes, a guy just has to draw a mechwarrior… I’ll get into that a bit later.

Yesterday, I was ranting a bit about reality TV.  Today, i’m gonna rant a bit about property virgins.  Is property virgins reality TV?  Ordinary people buying their first house?  I guess?  How is it possible that these people buying a house don’t do ANY research into what they can afford before they start looking for a house on national television?  or are they not allowed to, so that it is more entertaining?  Here is my impression of property virgins:

“I have a hundred thousand dollar budget, and i’d like a below-ground swimming pool.  Where?  Ideally, downtown vancouver….”

“That would cost a trillion dollars.”

“lol really? what can I get for $100,000 then?”


So on to mech warriors.  I was reminiscing about the last time I played mechwarrior online.  It was mechwarrior 4, my second favourite game of all time.  I was in a musty basement apartment in regina saskatchewan, across from the golden mile.  I was playing, and it was an incredibly competitive match.  One guy especially was dominating everyone online, he had a lot of skill, he could manipulate every loop hole in the game.  I remember being so stressed out by this guy, who was ALWAYS online, that I decided to stop playing for a week, just to see if my quality of life improved.

It didn’t, my apartment was still musty and gross.  so, with nothing to lose, I tried to play mechwarrior 4 online again!  Only to find that the servers were shut down, permanently?  SO SAD!  How i’ve longed for the day to play that game again!  …though preferably with people worse then me, but still passionate about the game!  So that I can win, and then talk about it.  hmm.

I hear there is a mechwarrior online that is a fairly recent happening, but now that i’m a mac user, is there really even a point in looking it up?  I won’t be able to play it.  Sad.


the reality of reality TV


That’s right… reality TV, as a genre, has been and always will be incredibly cheesy and transparent!

*Cymbal swell*  *Low minor piano chord*   *reaction shot*

But it IS compelling.  Between “So you think you can dance’s” constant return to people’s back-story (though i guess you could call that a game show) and about a million food-network reality TV competitions to find the… next… food… star…?  I dunno.  Reality TV occupies probably 75% of what me and Diana watch.  the other 25% is star trek, and i’m the only one watching it.

For me, the audio editing gets really annoying… and the fact that all the talking heads are shot after the fact, so it’s kind of like one big edited-together rehash?  Then you have those blasted kardashians and the gong-show music that accompanies their gong-show lives… for real, the music in the background could be for a kids show.  Even cool reality TV like the one about crab fishing?  deadliest catch?  they all use the same cymbal swells, the same “intense moment = intense piano roll” blecht.  I guess I just wish they’d spend more time making good music for the background of those shows… not that I could do any better.

Have a great week!


The problem with planes

2013-6-21bThe most stressful part of air travel is everything that happens on the ground.


A steller paint job

2013-6-20This comic is 100% inspired by my friends Graeme and Ollie!

ugh.  today is dentist time.  to make dentist time more enjoyable, I am thinking I will watch nothing but star trek until it is dentist time.  yay!  have a good one.