incompatible standards


So sleepy!  I’ve been getting so used to sleeping in until nine, waking up at 7:00 is not easy.  Huge thanks to all the guys who came over to play brygs and cylons!  It’s ALWAYS a ridiculous time, this time is no different.  Highlights of the evening were when Charles became the president of a stranded derelict battlestar, when Dave shot a box which made the game glitch out and basically made him a superhero for the rest of the game, when kurt built a light cycle, when Jamison penned a mind-controlling pop song, and when Andy’s character… well, everything about Andy’s character is a pleasant memory.  Poor penny, stranded on the planet yet again, left to mother her child.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take one part Battlestar Galactica, one part D&D, and eight parts “let’s see if we can make sure whatever Rob had planned doesn’t happen”, and honestly, the results are about a million times better then what I ever plan.

I’m glad Diana has Paulina to hang out with during these little escapades, I dunna think she’d enjoy herself.

My parents are officially staying at their new house!  which means that their dog charlie is no longer in the house, which means that my dog “coffee”, herein referred to as “coffee-dog”, is ACTUALLY DEPRESSED.  She’s just moping around.  Though I did see that she managed to stash like five chew-sticks in the seam of her pillow-bed-thing, and she has been digging them all up and just comforting herself by eating them like crazy?  Dogs man, they don’t make any sense.