it’s like a rule or something

2013-7-18It doesn’t matter what show it is.  IF it is science fiction, or fantasy, or SOMETHING either then what most people would consider “normal”, there is going to be an embarassing stumbling block that will instantly turn off anyone who isn’t a die hard fan.  It’s like, before a show gets made, an executive sits down and says “Sounds like a good idea!  BUT, before we can do it, we gotta add some embarrassing stuff to it.”  Let me give you a run down of things i’ve found to be a stumbling block when I try to share my favourite shows with people.


Buffy:  Actually, with the whole vampire craze, it might not be hard to share this one anymore…. but pretty much the whole premise.
TNG:  spandex suits, geordi’s visor, Klingons.
Firefly:  Swearing in mandarin, speaking in mandarin with no subtitles.
Battlestar:  saying “frack”.  Having paper with no corners for no reason.
Babylon 5:  the cheesy intro monologue, the fact that the pilot episode looks like a sitcom
Voyager:  Janeway’s hair and sorta weird accent?
Sliders:   everything about this show is embarrassing.
stargate SG1:  the guy with the thing on his forehead that means he’s an alien or whatever
Xena:  the fact that any time she’s supposed to be kicking butt, she’s making these ridiculous sound effects.

So, Xena was on the TV when I was young, much like star trek!  BOTH of these shows had new episodes, and I remember the cheesy TV commercials advertising to TUNE IN for the adventures of etc.  Long story short, I LOVE star trek (i imagine due to my early exposure, but also because it is awesome!) so seeing that Xena is on netflix and I have a full day with NARY a thing to do, I figure, “Hey, what the heck.  Star trek is awesome, maybe Xena is awesome too?”  The comic expresses my sentiments so far… but I AM only one episode in.

If you have netflix, and you haven’t watched Xena yet, let me point out some things that will make the first episode infinitely more enjoyable!  Of course, if you’re watching it, you’ll probably pick these things out yourself.

1)  They have like, ONE GUY who does ALL of the background voices.  So like, when there is a crowd heckling Xena, it is the SAME GUY over and over again.  And there are different crowds, in different cities!  I like to picture this one guy always being a couple people away from Xena, and he’s the kind of guy that just won’t keep his opinions to himself.  A real loud-mouth.
2)  Watch to find a sound effect that actually matches what is happening on screen.  They are so few and far between, it is more entertaining to look for the ones that work, rather then count the ones that don’t.
3)  There is this computer animated Poseidon in the intro (which is narrated by the guy who used to do all the movie trailers, which is pretty awesome) that is 1 parts “i’m sure this was ground breaking in it’s time” and 9 parts “I’m not sure if this show is supposed to be serious or a big joke…?”

Anyways, if Xena changed your life and i’m offending you, know that I’m on the “willing to look past a few oddities to get a good story out of it” side of the equation…  Infact, episode 2 is paused and ready to go.  Here’s hoping they find another background-voice-guy.