Away! part three.

2013-7-24Astro is a product of me wanting to be an austronaught from like grade 3 to grade 7.  I only ever drew one comic with him, but I probably drew it 30 times… on the back of tests, on the back of note books…. it went something like this:  Astro’s space ship (which was a carrot) was breaking up upon re-entry (because it was a carrot) and astro would take out a thing of 9billion spf sunscreen and quickly put it on, and then the last frame would show a ball of fire re-entering the earth.  Funny?  not really, but i mean, I don’t know if the goal of Astro was to be funny…. (hence today’s modern astro retelling!)  Either then that, i would just draw random pictures of astro doing random things.  I wanted to include him in this glorious week of blast-from-the-past comics because astro was the first character I ever thought up that I could draw from different perspectives.  Not bad for a kid in grade 3.
His russian counterpart was cosmo.  He was exactly the same, except his helmet was gold.


Author: Rob Shauf

I make comics, I illustrate kids books, and I am passionate about digital art!

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