Away! part four.

So, I thought I’d make a break from the typical “child hood” comics, and give you THE FIRST, LOST-IN-THE-INTERNET, FIRST EVER CHARLIE AND THE GHOST STRIPS.  For some reason, they never made it onto the website.  Where did I post them originally…?  maybe i didn’t.  anyways, here they are, and they are terrible, but at least you can appreciate with me how far they’ve come?  OK!  I mean, once in a while, I have a comic that is just kinda odd… but ALL of these are just kinda odd.  I don’t think I realized that it’s a good idea to write these out ahead of time or something.  ANYWAYS.  Also, notice Harrison!  Apparently a character I was going to develop.  Ah well.
cg1 cg2 cg3 cg4 cg5 cg6