mind numbing

2013-8-30Admittedly, this comic is actually the opposite of my kite flying experiences.  Here’s how kite flying flow chart i’ve made to demonstrate my TRUE feelings on kite flying:


It’s my first flow chart, and it’s as XKCD as I will ever get.  Actually, XKCD probably has already made this flow chart, i probably shoulda just searched through that.  meh.

webMD will save me!


Today, at 5:30 am, I left in my van to catch a BC ferry to go to camp quanoes to hang out with some of my students and see what the camp’s all about.  EXCITING TIMES!  I hope my headache is gone (I am posting this wednesday afternoon, seeing as I doubt quanoes will have a desk for my computer and drawing tablet).

Looking up symptoms online is one of the worst parts about the internet.  Any time I do it, I always jump to the worst case scenario on the list of options.  Heck, if my doctor has bad bedside manner when I see him, chances are I’ll jump to the worst case scenario WITH a professional diagnosis.  Why always the worst case scenario?  BECAUSE if you set your goals low enough, you’ll be happy when you meet them easily!  So if you think “OH NO!  I HAD A STROKE” and it turns out you just have chronic sinusitis, then you’re like “SCORE!” even though chronic sinusitis would really suck.





pop stars are idiots


Almost every tweet, every facebook update, every annoying forwarded email that i’ve gotten in the last couple of days has had, at it’s subject, the MTV VMA’s.  Much like a child throwing a temper tantrum, the more you acknowledge it, the worse it gets.  Let’s all collectively not care about the VMA’s, IGNORE it even, don’t give it a voice… and then maybe pop stars will stop trying so hard to be controversial.
  I’m not saying that there isn’t good stuff being written.  Some of it is very thought provoking.  Most of it is not.  Let’s move on!


Free indeed

2013-8-27Yesterday was one of those awesome rainy days where it is really hot, and the rain is warm, and I didn’t mind getting absolutely, completely drenched on my scooter drive home… which I did.  I did get drenched.  I wasn’t the only one, mind you, plenty of people were out on jogs or sitting on their lawns and benches just taking in the weird sensation of having rain be warm.  It’s like… being fully clothed, having a relaxing shower in public.

If I were in saskatchewan, I’m sure someone would say “That means tornadoes”.  But I am in BC, and as far as I know, it is highly unlikely that a tornado will form in the mountains.  We have our own natural disasters to worry about, like earthquakes, rock-slides and volcanoes!  FUN!

Anyways, the next time it rains, i will be prepared… I need to get some slush pants or something.


soup is dangerous

2013-8-23So, I posted the comic quite late yesterday, so if you didn’t get a chance to check it out, scroll down, click the ol “older posts” button, and voila, like MAGIC it appears.
You know when you were young and in school and you went to the library for the first time?  and they teach you how to take care of library books?  Like, don’t eat a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich and then touch the book?  They have like a million rules.  BUT!  Maybe the government needs to make PSA’s about eating and working on a computer.  My work computer, pre-upgrade of course, had so much itchiban stuck in the keyboard, it was THE NASTIEST thing.





Sorry for the late update!  I had an early meeting with an hour of freeway-fun, so my draw time turned into drive time.  Hope you’re all having a great thursday!  This comic yet again illustrates why it is good for me to have other people help me with home renos.