Children’s Hospial

2013-8-8Credit for the idea behind this comic goes 100% to my wife.  I feel like most of the comic updates this week have been based around gross bodily functions, and so i’m pleased to make a comic that isn’t about pooping or sneezing or farting or whatever.

Pretty happy with how this one turned out.  Ever since I made the switch to the new art style, which is much more simple and stream-lined, when I look through my old book I get a little jealous.  Maybe I had more time?  Maybe I had better artistic influences?  Anyways, I like to make a big page comic once in a while to remind myself that I can still do it.

How is everyone’s week going?  Hopefully it’s goin good!  It’s thursday, which is half way in between the halfway point of the week and the weekend.  For many people, this is a good thing!  I actually work on sundays, so i mean, weekends aren’t as big of a deal for me.