a server’s woes


Huge thanks to Steve Berkenpas for sending me a (what i like to think was) CREATIVELY FRANTIC text last night with the joke for today’s comic!  Steve’s a PUN MASTER. has his paintings and puns, and they are GREAT (if you didn’t know that already).  I hope I made this comic up to what you had envisioned!  I was hoping to make a three panel today, as I didn’t have oodles of time to draw it, but as I drew it, I kept realizing I needed more panels to make the thing make sense!  That’s a lot of panels in not a large amount of space.

When I’m at a restaurant and a waiter or waitress or server or whatever drops a dish and it breaks and everyone breaks out in sarcastic applause, it makes me cringe SO HARD.  I feel embarrassed i guess?  but not for the waiter, for all the people sarcastically applauding.  who does that?  JERKS.  jerks do that.

Anyways!  Hope everyone is having a SMASHING friday!  The weekend is almost here!  Rejoice!  See yah BACK HERE on MONDAY.