webMD will save me!


Today, at 5:30 am, I left in my van to catch a BC ferry to go to camp quanoes to hang out with some of my students and see what the camp’s all about.  EXCITING TIMES!  I hope my headache is gone (I am posting this wednesday afternoon, seeing as I doubt quanoes will have a desk for my computer and drawing tablet).

Looking up symptoms online is one of the worst parts about the internet.  Any time I do it, I always jump to the worst case scenario on the list of options.  Heck, if my doctor has bad bedside manner when I see him, chances are I’ll jump to the worst case scenario WITH a professional diagnosis.  Why always the worst case scenario?  BECAUSE if you set your goals low enough, you’ll be happy when you meet them easily!  So if you think “OH NO!  I HAD A STROKE” and it turns out you just have chronic sinusitis, then you’re like “SCORE!” even though chronic sinusitis would really suck.