awe, rats.



Just… just ignore the pitter-patter and the skitter-skatter.  Think of them as pets!

Ten thousandth visitor!


I have done some “tech support” for people after their computer has gone through a couple of “winning link” clicks.  -shudder-.  The depths of those ravaged machines is a hell I care not to go to again.  Basically, it goes like this:  IF you’ve lived more life without computers than you have with, chances are you’ve clicked on one of these links AT LEAST once.  just admit it… and LEARN from your mistakes!  Don’t click these links ever again!  for crying out loud!  please.
Lately, i’ve been getting tons of facebook spam.  It usually goes something like this:  “You look interesting.  Send me an email @ ______.  I’ll hook you up with some stuff.”  I don’t even know what that means.  Maybe it’s Carly Rae Jepsen-esk?  It’s just crazy, so call me maybe?  I probably get three a week.  At first, I was like “Oh man!  Some dude from russia thinks i’m interesting!” And then I was like “WAIT A MINUTE.  Russia isn’t real!”  Just kidding, russia is real.
This blog post is very… nonsensical.  I think it is because I am writing it Wednesday night at 11:07, when normally I would draw it in the morning, I can’t today because of meetings and stuff.  So I guess i’ll end it.  Hopefully you like this comic.  I’m sure you can think of someone to sarcastically forward it too.  😉

Socks ‘n Sandals

2013-9-25I’m gonna start an acoustic cover band called “socks ‘n sandals” and i’ll be RICH.
Alas, it’s getting a little cold on my scooter to ride around with bare feet and sandals (a practice which is discouraged to begin with, as it isn’t SUPER safe… but it is SUPER comfortable!)  I am faced with a decision:  ROCK OUT the socks and sandals, which i did last year until almost november much to the disdain of everyone around me with any sense of social norm, OR, be a normal person and start wearing my shoes.  AKA SELL OUT TO THE MAN.  the shoe-man.  the cobbler.  *sigh* i just hate shoes so much, but I also hate everyone commenting on my socks and sandals.  truly, truly, this problem is worse than ANY faced by modern man.  Somehow, i’ll muddle through.  somehow.  *single tear*

In any case, who even uses fine china anymore?  I bet the queen uses tupperware picnic dishes like the rest of civilization.  no?



2013-9-24when i lived in saskatchewan, and it was much colder than it is here, the strings on a bunny-hug (which is what hoodies were called in saskatchewan) actually had a very essential purpose…. the prevention of windburn and frostbite!  Here, in the lower mainland, the strings on hoodies are really just a nuisance… something to chew on and get really gross looking.
anyhoo!  happy tuesday.  Try to cover your mouth to prevent the spread of germs!


breaking news: it’s the fall!

2013-9-23Actually, according to google, yesterday was the first day of fall!  air conditioners get put away, fire places get turned on…  it’s a beautiful time of the year.  I would rather be cold and work to be hot, than be hot and work to be cold.

Well, actually, i’d rather just be warm.

In any case!  Happy monday!  have a great weeeeeeek!

Edit:  by the by, there’s nothing wrong with pumpkin-pie flavoured coffee.  mmm