Baby on Board

2013-9-3This comic is inspired by two things!  First, the amount of baby stuff me and Diana have to buy to prepare for the little Shauf munchkin!  Little Xerxes is gonna be the coolest kid in town.  There’s a lot to prepare, and as a guy, I’ve never really thought about it until now.  The second thing is that, as we were driving back from white rock, we saw a trailer that said “Caution- HORSES”.

My hatred for horses is well documented.  (I don’t ACTUALLY hate horses, it’s just more fun to be in that camp, or at least it was when me and Jamison made the video… I mean, read the comments!  PEOPLE CARE SO MUCH!).  Just to clarify, I DON’T ACTUALLY HATE HORSES.  ok.  Moving on!

Why would anyone put “Caution- HORSES” on the back of their trailer?  Do horses attack if you pass too closely, or tailgate?  Do Horses throw their poop out the window at your car?  Why would we need to be cautious?  I was going on a rant about this, complaining about the whole “Caution- HORSES” thing, and then it was brought to my attention (either by my Dad, or by Diana) that it’s pretty much the same thing as the baby on board sign.  And so, comic.

Have a great week everyone!  Hope you all had a good labour day.


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