The adventures of the SPECTATOR SPECTER!

2013-9-5The british dictionary says “Spectre” and the american one says “Specter” and I have know idea which one canadians are supposed to use.  I went with what photoshop knows.
I’ve taken to watching B-movies while I draw these.  I’m sick of my music, and it’s pretty entertaining to watch movies in general, and it’s good to combine those two things!  Here’s a line I JUST HEARD:  “I don’t feel good.  I’m claustrophobic.  I need my heart-pills.”  (Said by the “you’re going to get us all killed” guy.)  You can’t make this stuff up!  Er, wait.  I guess someone made it up.  Now they’re telling him to “sit up and breathe”, and the guy doesn’t want to do it.  Context: their plane crashed, and they are being hunted by dinosaurs.
Hope you like the comic!

EDIT:  HAR HAR so i suck at “no” and “know”.  -sigh-