it’s so soft!

2013-9-6The quote comes from Paulo Coelho’s book “The Alchemist” which I haven’t read, but fully intend to.  My reading list is way too long right now… I was hoping to hack it down during the summer, but it was not meant to be!  This summer was for video games and movies.

So!  I hope ol’ Paulo never sees this comic, i’m sure it’s the furthest from his intention, but this has happened to me a couple days in a row now (you’d think that i’d just change the roll) and each time this quote popped into my mind, so i figured, maybe it’s share-worthy.

Have a great friday ‘yall!


2 replies on “it’s so soft!”

😉 last summer was for books and beaches! netflix works better with laminate installs. KP you know your rants are always welcome!

“This summer was for video games and movies.”

That might be the saddest statement ever about how our society functions these days. Get a book, get outside, and stop staring at the idiot box. It just makes you fat and stupid.

(Wow…when was the last time you got a right proper KP rant thrown in your face? )

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