2013-9-10You gotta say “Eat Steak” like the subway commercial from ten years ago… The lesson I’m alluding to in this strip is one i’m currently enrolled in, in the SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS. I only had one piece of steak yesterday, and apparently that was too much, because my stomach felt like a brick wall for the rest of the evening.

So i’ve never BBQ’d steak before.  Diana wanted it medium rare, I prefer medium, but don’t mind medium rare.  I’m BBQin some steak, and I realize, I have NO IDEA how to tell if it is getting close, or overcooked, or whatever.  I’ve heard the best thing to do is just use a meat thermometer, which I don’t have.  SO!  I was like “huh.  LOOKS DONE.”  And, surprisingly, it was!  Medium rare.  I fluke’d out that once, I dare not try again.