My experience with retail stores yesterday

2013-9-12Seriously people!
Ok, i’ll be honest, I was looking for a slightly more obscure item.  I was looking for a USB audio interface, I need one at church because my personal one is getting played out.  Futureshop at one time had cheepies, old “fast tracks” that had a single mic input.. they were like $60.  So I go to future shop, and of course, everything is re-arranged… I knew where they USED to be, but don’t know where they have been moved too, because all the sections are moved around.  I’m talking to people, saying things like “fast track”, “usb audio interface”, “USB mic input”, etc…. They take me to the home theatre department and try and sell me a USB turntable.  Seriously?  So it’s obvious they don’t know what i’m looking for, and even more obvious when they say “I don’t think that exists”…

SO, i go to Superstore…  Which has gotten rid of their electronics department apparently.  That’s a quick trip.

Next is the Source (Circuit city).  They have USB mics, but the guy doesn’t have a clue what i am talking about, and hands me a computer mic (like one of those pencil shaped useless things).  When I say “This isn’t what i’m looking for” he says “maybe you should try Walmart, or Canadian tire”.

After this, it’s london drugs!  They have the CLOSEST thing to what i’m looking for, AKA, a USB audio interface, but it’s output only, more of a USB aplifier… and when I say to the guy, “I need a USB audio interface with INPUT” the guy hands me a USB laptop speaker with a headphone jack and says “This is as close as I can get”, which is USELESS.  I guess the guy thought that when I said “I need to be able to input audio” that what I meant was “I need to be able to plug in headphones”.

Anyways, half an hour wasted running from store to store, I stop in at our new “King’s music” store and say “i need a USB audio interface” and the guy says “Here yah go”.  I think my exact words were “THANK THE LORD!” and I MEANT it.  Every other store I went to, the people made me feel like I was an idiot, making me second guess what I was saying, how I was wording things, even the concept of being able to purchase such a device (EVEN THOUGH I HAVE ONE AT HOME).  I should have just gone there first, except that music stores are more expensive, and I know FOR A FACT that these bigger chain stores carried the base model fast track like a year ago.  -SIGH-