Go, speed racer! Go, speed racer! Go speed racer, Go!!!!!

2013-10-31Hope you give out/get a lot of candy!  Remember to brush your teeth.  Don’t start fires or anything.
I love speed racer so much, in nearly all it’s forms.  I love the original comics by tatsuo yoshida, otherwise known as MACH GO GO GO!  I love the old school cartoon.  I don’t so much like the mid-90’s mach 5 looks like a square monstrosity… I REALLY love the ADD-inducing live-action (sort of) movie made by the wachowski’s.  If you’ve never given the film a chance, you should really try and push through.  I honestly believe it’s an attempt to show adults how to have an imagination… or maybe, an attempt to show adults what a child’s imagination is like AFTER copious amounts of sugar cereal!  When the movie is over, you will want to go to sleep and dream dreams.  Anyways!  Have fun embodying your alter ego.


How to make APPLE SAUCE!

2013-10-30I guess “enjoy” would be a third step.  Ah well.
Steve Berkenpas has claimed his gold* medal, having read yesterday’s strange and long blog post.
I’ll keep this one short!  Thanks for checkin the comic and readin’ and what not!  ever since getting the surface pro a while ago, i feel like drawing has been really fun but that I keep forgetting to write comic strips.  Hopefully i’m starting to get over it.

*steve, your gold medal will be a DQ blizzard the next time we hang out.  you can take that TO THE BANK.


the difference between autumn and fall

2013-10-29Diana said that i was supposed to mention that Charlie is drinking a pumpkin spice latte.  SICK.  or delicious?  nope, just sick.  Coffee and pumpkin pie are two delicious flavours that i think should remain distinct.  …The exception is pumpkin pie blizzards, which are amazing… but that is combining pumpkin with delicious DQ soft serve, which is always a good idea.
So this comic is a direct rip-off of my mom’s facebook status yesterday.  It’s been a particularly windy couple of days, and you really notice it when you have maple trees scattered around, because their leaves are bigger then your head.
The difference between autumn and fall is when you need to be  cautious of falling objects.

Yesterday was my day off, and i’m really trying to get over this nasty sinus headache dizzy gross-feeling blagh-ness, so most of the day consisted of me watching the entire second season of initial D, and a bunch of movies that were on my neflix que.  One of which was comic book confidential!  OH MAN, what an inspiring movie.  If one of my comic endeavours ever makes it on a documentary some day, that would be super cool.  I could even be that one guy that every documentary has that’s like “Rob Shauf drew charlie and the ghost.  Its collected work is an instantly forgettable piece of poo, but for some reason, he drew it for 3+ years.  He is quoted as saying that, ‘it’s good drawing practice, but i wish i could write them better, maybe if i had more time, but i don’t, so it’s fine’.  He faded into obscurity (though, to be fair, he was never really known) once people realized most of his comics were based off of facebook status updates either that his friends and family made, or ones that Rob himself should have made, which would have gave him the satisfaction of feeling funny while saving himself a couple hours of drawing.  If he would have done pushups instead of driving, he could probably have learned how to do a hand stand, which is really cool and not a lot of people can do it nowadays, in the year 2045, when this documentary is being made”.  If you read this far, you get a medal.




Coffee-dog just doesn’t GET IT.  And she doesn’t get it CONSISTENTLY.  Probably once or twice a TV-watching session, this happens.
Anyways!  If you want to watch an anime that is basically pokemon with cars instead of make believe monsters, you gotta watch initial D.  it’s older, and it’s awesome.  I can’t get enough!  Of course, it falls into several of the typical anime cliches, but they really build the story well.
OK!  Here’s to a great week!  yay!



Ah yes, the scuttlebutt.  A word that always brings to mind that which i have drawn for you today.  Have a GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE!

i’m not addicted.

2013-10-24I talked about this yesterday at youth.  It’s a little tricky to talk about, there is no real blanket term that is accurate to describe how people fill their lives with various artificial digital interactions…  And those interactions aren’t inherently evil by any means, but I think people can go too far, to the point where their real life social interactions are affected negatively.  In any case, that whole “practice what you preach” thing has made me re-think my internet habits, which are indeed habits bordering on addictions, to the point where if I sit down at a computer (doesn’t matter where… could be work, the library, someone else’s house and i’m wanting to show them a youtube video or something)  i catch myself typing one of three URL’s without thinking:  reddit, facebook or gmail, in that order.  *sigh* and so begins the long road to recovery!  haha.


new fear, part two (Coloring sheet link!)



Many times when I am writing these blog posts, i don’t really put a whole lot of thought into them… They are usually some sort of after-thought, or “deleted content” that didn’t make it into the actual comic itself…. And sometimes, I don’t think at all, and get a happy little accident!  Rob Schmidtke, when you posted that phrase yesterday, i laughed pretty hard, and i didn’t remember writing it at all.  I thought it would be kind of fun to make this little poster thing!  If you have a printer and would like to print one off, there is a high-resolution version available here... but you have to color it yourself!  That’s RIGHT!  It’s an old-school coloring sheet!  HAVE A FUN WEDNESDAY!