Photography: reflections


Your method of photography can say a lot about you!  CAN say.  for example, I have an SLR… but i just use the “automatic” setting, and the most technical thing I do with it is turn off the autofocus when it is driving me crazy and continually focussing on the wrong thing.  Even though I took a photography class in high school (which was still film at that point, our family digital camera was less then one megapixel and saved onto floppy disks), and even though i know all about aperture and single lens reflex and rule of thirds and whatnot, an early version of this comic had “XLR” instead of “SLR”, which would have led to ridicule and shame and would have been very embarrassing.  Good thing i didn’t tell anyone of my error.  😉  To be fair to my 7:00am mind, I use the phrase “XLR” a lot more then “SLR”, as xlr is a type of cable I use daily.

I also know professional photographer friends who say that the most important camera is the one you have on you when there is something that needs to be photographed, which i guess means that a tablet isn’t the worst option.

I guess the only thing i’m wary about (either than people looking stupid using their tablet as a camera) is our growing inability to distinguish between what photos are worth sharing with the world, and what photos are ACTUALLY worth sharing with the world.  HAS THE INTERNET CAUSED THE WORLD TO BE FLOODED WITH CREATIVE MEDIOCRITY!?  DUN DUN DUN. (speaking of creative mediocrity- thanks for reading my comic!  haha)

also, somewhat related, there are only two instances of startrek I can think of where they specifically mention photography.  The one is when Geordi is getting changed into a weird invisible thing, and that guy uses a video camera head-set.  The other is when they use a tricorder to record a sweep of the visual spectrum.  Trekkies: correct me if I’m wrong… But I will boldly go where no one has gone before, and state that even Picard would never use a tablet to take a picture.  Wesley Crusher may have, but adolescence is a troubling time.