the secret to contentment

2013-10-14The secret to contentment is that it’s much easier just to be selfish and materialistic and consumeristic and just feed that beast.  Contentment takes work.  If I’m being honest, I have traditionally thought of and lived out contentment as a state that is achieved once all my desires are fulfilled…  As soon as I have a desire, I wanna fulfill it so that I can return to my content state… but what happens to fulfill that desire is the antithesis of contentment.  Contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction, but it’ll never last without a lot of denying one’s self and learning how to be OK not having everything one desires.

Today is CANADIAN THANKSGIVING!  I find myself being thankful for what I have, but still wanting more.  I am not ok with this assessment… and so I will pray for contentment.  I have plenty.  My manna heap is big enough, i don’t want it to start rotting.