Don’t hustle a hustler


So playing lots of pokemon!  Yellow.  As previously mentioned!  I keep seeing screenshots from the new pokemon game, but most of the screenshots are of people walking around and aren’t of actual battles or anything, so… so far i’m not very tempted to get it.

So in pokemon society, kids and adults alike have basically embraced dog fighting/rooster fighting/that’s actually a pretty terrifying world to live in.  That is part of the inspiration of today’s strange comic.  The other part is just the strange warning found on everything from juice boxes to cereal boxes to anything… you would think this would be an obvious “buyer beware” type of thing.
SO!  AWESOME POKEMON YELLOW MOMENT:  when my Magicarp beat Misty’s Starmie to get the second badge.  my MAGICARP.  That starmie was at like, half health when I sent ol’ Maggie into battle.  It took ten minutes and 9 potions, but victory was sweet, and maggie got to level 19.  We all know what that means, but if you don’t, I will tell you:  That’s when ol’ Maggie, useless Pokemon extraordinaire, turns into GYRADOS, which is a dragon, and is totally awesome.

Hope your Canadian thanksgiving was good!  Have a great week!  😀

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/rant I’m not usually one to judge ( you know that’s a lie) but any commentary that involves “That took ten minutes” and references a video game makes me think, “There is 10 minutes of your life you’ll never, ever get back”. Play guitar, write a song, draw, create something beautiful. . . It’s an investment of time that pays. /endrant

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