twinkle tours shall commence!



now that it is black friday, all things christmas are officially “go”, which means twinkle tours are just around the corner… -shudder-




so diana is on maternity leave!  one of the awesome benefits of this is that i get to hear her uncensored commentary on tv commercials, which i have comicified for you here today.

the only thing i dont like about the surface is that spell check isn’t integrated into windows 8 like it is with osx… which means that my horrendous spelling is likely to sneak through once in a while.

happy american thanksgiving!  brace yourself for black friday.  we even have black friday in canada, which is bizzare.

it’s getting a little out of hand…


So the more I use manga studio instead of photoshop, the more i discover features i never new I needed, and now I would never want to do without.  it probably doesn’t make much visual difference in how the strips look, but it sure stream-lines the back-end drawing process.

Anyways, I wish people would wait until December to decorate for Christmas.


…more evidence of my mental demise…



It’s monday!  Which means three things!  1)  most people start their work week   2)  It’s my day off  3)  Diana starts her maternity leave!  Which means, for the forseeable future, Diana will have no more sunday-night depression!

The day of little Xerxe’s arrival is getting closer!  I’m at that stage where I’m largely nervous about becoming a parent.  If I can barely function now, I can’t even imagine how ridiculous I am gonna be with zero sleep.  Well, OK.  Barely function is an exaggeration.  But still, it has me worried.

Satchmo the great

2013-11-22i still remember when I learned that Louis Armstrong was more than “what a wonderful world”.  I was sitting in the office of one of my music professors, good ol’ Ken Dosso, and i believe on his wall he had a poster with a guy playing trumpet and big bold letters that spelled out “Louis Armstrong”.  THANKFULLY i didn’t open my mouth, the conversation would have gone EXACTLY as I have depicted it in the comic strip above.

HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY EVERYONE!  If you see my wife, wish her a happy birthday!  because that is what day it is!


a truly devious plot

2013-11-21Coffee-dog has taken to being a huge wimp when it comes to doing her business outside.  #1’s are no problem… it’s the #2’s that have become problematic with the 2 degree Celsius temperatures.  While there still may be a bit of prairie left in me, there isn’t an ounce of winter in lil’ coffee-dog.  I’m thinking potty training her might be the appropriate solution… cept she’s so small, she’d probably just fall right in the bowl and drown.