we are the 99%



Thankfully, i’m not popular enough to get sued by sun national bank.  😀
Brad Herle!  this comic is for you, and from you, as I 100% ripped off the first panel from your facebook headlines!  I read it, I laughed, you said i could make it into a comic, so I did!    Anyways, I don’t understand the reasoning behind daylight savings.  Why not just leave it an hour forward all the time?  do what saskatchewan does, and NEVER change?  it would be SO much better!  I can’t see a downside.  There probably is one, I just can’t see it.  probably because it’s SO DARK and it’s hard to see ANYTHING in darkness.

Don’t get me wrong, i appreciate the extra hour of sleep i get every fall, but it isn’t worth the one-less hour of sleep in the spring.

OKAY!  enjoy wallowing in darkness this evening!