Tide commercials

2013-11-13Ghost’s question isn’t just addressed to charlie.  Tide commercials are ridiculous…  their demographic is poor people, or recently poor’d people.  I’ve seen a couple commercials, one to a “recently singled mom”, which is a desperate plea for people to not stop using tide?  and one about a “young up-and-comer-couple” who quit their corporate job and found out that it’s tough doing a start-up… BUT WE’RE GLAD WE DIDN’T STOP USING TIDE!  seriously?  man.  I’m all for “more expensive detergent = ACTUALLY cleans clothes = only have to buy one bottle as opposed to 15 bottles of cheap detergent” or whatever…  There’s at least some logic to that… but that’s not the angle in these commercials.  The angle is “my life is falling apart, but at least we have TIDE.”   Tide is the rock of our salvation.  Maybe i’m getting a little dramatic.  meh.