Isn’t it obvious? I play defence.

2013-11-19There are the nice kind of pit bulls, the kind that have owners that care about them and try and teach them to behave and whatnot… those pitbulls are still scary, but at least you know that if they run at yah, they’re probably just gonna circle you until the owner comes and gets them.  AND THEN there’s an entirely different kind of pit bull, otherwise known as the “We are drug dealers, and this is our guard dog, and we haven’t fed it in three weeks, which means it’s very hungry and you are made out of food.”  I can say confidently that there are both types of pit bulls on my daily walking route, and there is nothing scarier than a drug-pit-bull breaking it’s way through the fence, barking and gnashing and foaming and whatnot, as I pick up my tiny dog and hope that if it IS the end, at least maybe the drug house will get busted.