How to make AMAZING anime!

2013-11-20It is this PRECISE formula that Diana likes to mock whenever she walks into the room.  She’ll take one look at the screen and say something along the lines of, “Oh, is that the guy he’s gonna beat against all odds in the next episode?” to which I reply “…he might lose…” but secretly in my heart, I know that he’ll win eventually.  He always does.

Pokemon, Initial D, Dragonball Z, Gundam, Samauri Champloo..  Some of my favourite anime series follow that sort of structure.  They don’t always… I think Cowboy bebop is more “i love the soundtrack” and “SPIKE SPIEGEL IS THE COOLEST”.   Cowboy bebop IS the coolest!   If you don’t know what the heck i’m talking about, i’m referring to an anime that combines space opera with jazz and the good ol’ fashioned wild west.  the best possible way you could spend your saturday this weekend would be to do something productive!  the SECOND best way you could spend your saturday is watch all of cowboy bebop.  WELL, except the full-length movie.  You can skip that.

SO!  Hope your week is going well!  We had a crazy tuesday, but God is good, and stuff’s ok.  I pray that I will have the kind of faith that trusts in God’s goodness even when stuff doesn’t turn out the way I hope it does.


Isn’t it obvious? I play defence.

2013-11-19There are the nice kind of pit bulls, the kind that have owners that care about them and try and teach them to behave and whatnot… those pitbulls are still scary, but at least you know that if they run at yah, they’re probably just gonna circle you until the owner comes and gets them.  AND THEN there’s an entirely different kind of pit bull, otherwise known as the “We are drug dealers, and this is our guard dog, and we haven’t fed it in three weeks, which means it’s very hungry and you are made out of food.”  I can say confidently that there are both types of pit bulls on my daily walking route, and there is nothing scarier than a drug-pit-bull breaking it’s way through the fence, barking and gnashing and foaming and whatnot, as I pick up my tiny dog and hope that if it IS the end, at least maybe the drug house will get busted.



2013-11-15there is this stair-master where each step is a mini-treadmill that moves up and down.  I think they should make an exo-skeleton that you wear, and you can put like a -10 setting on it, with gives 10 pounds of resistance to everything you do, or like a +10 setting which makes you ten pounds stronger!  Anyways, you saw it here first, even though i’m sure EVERYONE has had that thought before.


vroom -CLUNK!-


it isnt really a great idea to take any sort of life advice from anime.  anime is good at many things, but practical wisdom isn’t one of those things.

Tide commercials

2013-11-13Ghost’s question isn’t just addressed to charlie.  Tide commercials are ridiculous…  their demographic is poor people, or recently poor’d people.  I’ve seen a couple commercials, one to a “recently singled mom”, which is a desperate plea for people to not stop using tide?  and one about a “young up-and-comer-couple” who quit their corporate job and found out that it’s tough doing a start-up… BUT WE’RE GLAD WE DIDN’T STOP USING TIDE!  seriously?  man.  I’m all for “more expensive detergent = ACTUALLY cleans clothes = only have to buy one bottle as opposed to 15 bottles of cheap detergent” or whatever…  There’s at least some logic to that… but that’s not the angle in these commercials.  The angle is “my life is falling apart, but at least we have TIDE.”   Tide is the rock of our salvation.  Maybe i’m getting a little dramatic.  meh.



2013-11-12So netflix has “the shield’ and if you like cheesy but satisfying police/crime dramas that have their starting point at “corruption” and go from there, then it might just be the show for you.  Everyone on that show is corrupt and wants something…  They all blackmail each-other like CRAZY.  Not a show to watch with kids, mind you…

This comic is a reflection of how much I hate the phrase “hot date”.