patience is a virtue! …but punctuality is a SUPER VIRTUE.

2013-12-31seriously.  i guess if there is anyone who should be allowed to make people wait, it is doctors… seeing as they save lives and everything… but i mean, surely somewhere, there exists a person who is able to accurately schedule the amount of time it takes to see patients and then give people an accurate time to show up for an appointment.  i mean, inherent within the word “appointment” is the idea that it starts at a specific time!  whatever.


Mumford & sons

2013-12-30  I don’t know why i think this strip is so funny, but honestly, daily affirmations really crack me up.  You know, that thing where you stare in a mirror and say things like “You’re a winner!  Today, you’re gonna WIN.  WINNING.”  I’ve only done it a couple of times, and every time, I just start laughing.  It doesn’t really pump me up, it just makes me laugh.
The amount of work it would be to set up a mic and a mic stand and put on your guitar and look in the mirror and pump yourself up is minimal… but the results it would produce!  Taking the affirmation to the NEXT LEVEL.  Hmm.  I’m going to try it tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  If i’m not a popular music artist in the next week or so, you’ll know it doesn’t work.


answers: why they call it boxing day

2013-12-26at least, its the reason i choose to believe this day is called boxing day.


merry christmas, 2013!


2013-12-25have yourself a merry little christmas, full of love and intelligent conversation!


For unto us a child is born, part II

2013-12-24My dad was saying how it was unsatisfying that some day, randomly, a baby would appear in the comic without any explanation, and offered the following explanation as a way of bridging the gap.  So the 4th wall has effectively been repaired!  or, at least, patched!

It’s the NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!  Or the day of the night before Christmas!  HOW EXCITING!  We got lots of christmas stuff goin’ on at the church.  It’ll be good and busy.

Diana and Josie are back at home; tonight is the first night with our little family under our roof!  Here’s hoping we get some good sleepin’!  …hmm…  …well, a guy can hope!  😀


For unto us a child is born!

2013-12-23ALRIGHT!  So.  BRAND-NEW dad here.  My first five observations:

1)  Babies are much less fragile then I previously thought.
2) I have a new-found respect for my wife, who is apparently un-affected by sleep deprivation
3)  All I can think about is my daughter, so you better believe charlie is gonna have a spontaneous baby pretty soon
4)  This is taking too long, i wanna go see my daughter, so you only get 3!


HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYONE!!!!!  Christmas time indeed.