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-sigh- pop music!  So many pop artists these days are writing songs about how they are famous, and it isn’t easy cuz’ HATERS, but they will continue DESPITE the haters because it’s the only way for them to live with integrity, and it’s scary, but they are brave and will prevail.  Really?  If the only way to live with integrity is to continue despite haters, stop writing songs about your haters then.  Every second song on the radio deals with “oh man, so many haters!  but i have MILLIONS of dollars so it’s OK and i’ll make it some how.”  Of course, having this opinion makes me a hater… keep reading!

pop artists!  we don’t hate you, you are famous because a) you can play the game and b) you have fans who buy your stuff!  Honestly, I just miss when you wrote songs about stuff that didn’t have to do with how much people hate you.

These pop artists are just exploiting a martyr mentality, no?  Well, not all of them.  I won’t go into specifics, I don’t want to be perceived as a hater, that would be counter-productive.  I guess i’ll just say that I really like when pop music is a catalyst for positive change, when it is inspiring, and I can’t stand when pop music is naval-gazing bull crap… it drives me crazy.