This one’s for all my teacher/professor friends


this was a very real and vivid dream I had last night.  The exam was this: instead of pieces of paper with relevant questions on it, Mr. Brewer handed us a piece of cardboard with various computer components hot-glued to it.  We then had to take a sharpie and draw a line to put them in the RIGHT order to make a computer.  I was like BWHA!? and he’s like “well, it was on page 3 of the text.” and I was all, “We never talked about it once in class!” and then Mr. Brewer, who was one of the kindest people i’ve ever known, got a twisted, grinch like smile and laughed and laughed and laughed.
Even though this was just a dream… I definitely made that mistake a few times in college.  The first time I thought studying my class notes was enough was in history of western music II.  BOY WAS I WRONG!  More than half of the final was never even mentioned in class… but if i had actually read the text-book, It would of been no surprise.  The rest of my time at briercrest, I made sure to do my reading.
The second time I thought I didn’t need to do the course reading is when I first started at columbia bible college.  The class:  intro to theology.  -sigh-.  I guess i’m one of those people who has to learn things the hard way.