This story starts out with a simple goal:  take 2 hours of Blu-Ray quality training video, chop it down to 20 mins of standard-definition watchability (why, you ask? well, 2 hours is excessive, and our projector computers video cards can only handle standard definition). The nice thing about my office is that, usually, when I’m rendering something on one computer, i can just switch to my other computer and carry on with work.  Yesterday, however, I was in a bit of a time crunch so I had both my computers rendering video.  I only had one rendering at first, and it said it would take two hours.  Three hours in and only half done, I started to get worried and started recruiting other computers to help.  It was still taking too long, I wasn’t going to get the video rendered in time, so I rendered on my surface as well as my macbook.  So, from five to seven, I sat there hopelessly, working with PEN and PAPER so-as-not to offend the renderers, as I watched all of my computers take their dear time to process a couple hours of video.  After all that, it got done with 2 minutes to spare, which isn’t enough time to edit and burn it, so I ended up having to give a synopsis of the video instead of showing it.  Not near as fun, that!  and very headache inducing.