…i’m such a tool.

2014-1-15tool illiteracy is no joking matter!  imagine the implications if someone who knew what tools are, say at a construction site, was asked by someone on that same site, “could you pass me the big star-type screwdriver?”  i tell you, that poor worker would be fired SO FAST.  and SHAMED.
and that person would be me.  I don’t know tools at all.

except, for once, this comic was not inspired  by me and my weirdness, or that of my beautiful wife!!  instead, it is inspired by my good friend tim voth, worship leader extrordinairre, who came into my office asking or a screw gun. it was gold.


…although, i will say, i called a cordless drill a “wireless drill” about 20 minutes earlier, which earned me a little ridicule.  in my defence, we just bought new wireless mics, and i had “wireless” on the brain.