hindsight isn’t always 20/20

2013-1-22ALL of the pros and cons of cassette tapes in the late 90’s!  while everyone else was using cd’s, mini-disks, mp3 players or starting towards the first gen ipods, i was rockin the cassette player.  Pros and Con’s are listed here!  (well, all of the ones i could think of anyways)

1)  you could buy tape players for pretty cheap, so breaking them during a workout was a non-issue
2)  you could buy blank cassettes for pretty cheap
3)  no one would steal it, because why would anyone steal it, tapes suck
4)  double-A batteries were really cheap
5)  wouldn’t skip EVER.
6)  doubles as a jogging weight

1)  a magnet could erase all your music,
2)  no track seeking, only rewind and fast-forward
3)  …who remembers to BUY replacement batteries? not this guy.
4)  …who has time to actually MAKE a mix-tape these days?  aka, limited selection.
5)  you always had to have a pencil on hand, to stop your favorite album from being torn to shreds (so, worse than skipping)
6)  is there anything worse than a poorly balanced tape?  where side B only had two songs and twenty minutes of silence?  NOPE, nothing worse.
7)  tape compression
i’m sure there are more… I have fond memories of jogging the caronport tree-line with my music playing at 25% speed while i tried to figure out where i could get batteries that wasn’t the town’s extortionist gas station.  usually, i would snag them from the TV remote controls.