Coffee-dog VS Josie-baby. ready- FIGHT!

2014-1-30Coffee-dog and josie-baby have a love-hate relationship.  Coffee hates how loud Josie is.  Josie hates when Coffee licks her face.  Now, i know what you’re thinking: I shouldn’t let my dog lick my baby’s face.  that is true.  But i also know this:  every time I want to see my dog, it usually takes me about twenty minutes of searching, because she’s so terrified at all the super-loud noises Josie makes.  And that girl has QUITE a set of lungs on her.

Josie loves grabbing coffee’s hair and flailing about.  Coffee loves when Josie poops.  Dogs love poop.  Josie loves lying on her chair and bouncing; coffee loves lying underneath the chair and waiting for poop to happen.  It’s crazy, how much of Diana’s and my life revolves around poop.

the wire-bounce chair is a lifesaver.  We wouldn’t get any sleep if it weren’t for that thing.