medical drama


for the most part, i like medical drama shows.  i’ve been a huge scrubs fan for a long time (though i guess that’s more of a sitcom).  ER occupied a good chunk of my life when the box sets went on sale for $10 at walmart.  Grey’s anatomy is the current medical drama of choice, as it is on netflix…  But, let me tell you, out of those three i mentioned, Grey’s is the most unbelievable.  probably once an episode, a doctor does something so ambiguous in the medical ethics department that would get any real doctor’s licence revoked SO FAST… but in the show, all they do is have meredith grey narrarate a little “sometimes, life is messy…” and then they cut to blond doctor making a mess cooking speghetti, and all the ethics are just breezed over.  BRUTAL!  if that’s how it actually is, that sucks.

have a good weekend!!