People with opinions


Everyone has opinions, and from time to time, people get preachy with them.

There are many odd things about preaching a sermon.  Even the tamest sermon is bound to be offensive in some way, because people will always disagree on anything for almost any reason.  Sometimes, a big-picture message is lost in the nit-picking of details.  I really enjoy preaching, but I think i’m my own worst nit-picker.
I don’t enjoy preaching because I like the sound of my own voice, or because I like looking like I have everything all together.  I like preaching because It really makes me take a long look at my life and where it is/isn’t going.  There is a terrifying possibility of being made into an instant hypocrite when preaching, and coming out and saying something really ups-the-ante… but if there isn’t that possibility, is there a point to preaching?
Anyways, on the weekend, I had the pleasure of preaching about overcoming social barriers, which is ironic, because I’m one of the most socially stunted people I know.  My message was as much a challange to me as it was to anyone listening, if not more-so.

Anyways!  have a good tuesday everyone!