…Do they make you show ID?

2014-2-14I always wondered why a guy couldn’t go to a different restaurant every night and get free birthday cake.  Is there an inter-restaurant database?  NOPE.  Do they make you show ID?  that’d be a little class-less, no?

There is no more heinous a crime than pretending it is your birthday to get free cake.  period.  A person who does that has no humanity left in them; they are only an empty shell where humanity once was.

NOW, that being said, i’m sure if there is ever a day to try it, it’s on valentines day!  ESPECIALLY if you go to a restaurant alone.  The pity points for being alone on valentines day AND your birthday will likely get you TWO free cakes.  So there you have my Con-pointers for the week.

Have a great valentines day/weekend everyone!