…of has-been’s, and never-was’s.

2014-2-26I love reminiscing of my band days.  The more I think about it, the more I realize how naive I was as to how the whole industry worked.  All of my band mates still have their music as a big part of their lives, either as their livelihood or as their artistic passion or whatever.  I never would of “made it” like they have.  I really liked the music we made, I really liked the pool we lived in, the camps we toured… it’s all good memories!  But my memories often fail to remember the part where I was incredibly awkward and unsatisfied.

Anyways, “sound-paintings” is an old captain-era joke.  if you want to listen to my old band, i think you can still find our stuff at if you feel like smilin’.  Our myspace page got hacked like 6 years ago, and none of us can remember the password to fix it.  Ah well.

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only if you get the sound guy to put auto-harmony parallel 3rds and fifths on our lead singer’s voice

Hello, I’ve been thinking of organizing a show at The Exchange, and I was wondering if Captain would want to join the bill. So far we’ve talked to Glory Nights, Kiros, Restrain The Enemy, The New Aesthetic, Les Villains, and finally a special guest band (Kiros playing with wigs on). Thank you.

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