Time heals all wounds

2014-3-7having grown up in Saskatchewan, the Canadian province that doesn’t participate in daylight savings time, I find the whole concept incredibly frustrating.

I don’t complain as much in the fall, when I get an extra hour of sleep (right?  extra hour of sleep in the fall? DANGIT) but it takes me like a week to get used to waking up an hour earlier.

Usually, I just rely on my phone to set itself, and I don’t think about it at all… EXCEPT that my iphone has sorta got messed up, and has started setting the time incorrectly… like, 3 hours off incorrectly, so i’ve had to manually set the time, and that makes me think it won’t set the time properly!  Which means i don’t get to be lazy about it this year.

Next year, when daylight savings time comes around, i’ll have to remember to make a comic about something else!  haha.  I feel like this is the third year in a row that i’ve made a comic like this one.

Have a great weekend everyone!