The Revenge of Coffee-dog

2014-3-14Coffee has taken to the division of my affection… poorly?  ever since having a baby, Coffee-dog acts very odd… She’s as jealous as a dog can be!  She’s OVERLY affectionate (like, when i’m sitting on the couch, she will hop on me, stand on my shoulder and lick my face for like ten minutes if i let her).  This week, as is illustrated here, she’s taken to peeing on the floor RIGHT IN FRONT of us as an act of non-violent resistance.  She’s the Ghandi of the yorkie world.

Keep in mind, Coffee-dog is a dog who we managed to bell-train within the first month of having her, and hasn’t pee’d in our house for like six months.  Diana taught her how to shake-a-paw in two days.  Coffee-dog knows VERY WELL what she is doing.  Anyways, whatever.  She’s still cute!  And it’s always funny when, as a girl dog, she still lifts her leg to pee like a boy dog!  HA!

Have a great weekend everyone!