Dogs care, man.

2014-3-21Josie can’t actually sit up on her own yet, but that doesn’t stop Coffee-dog from giving her food.  Coffee-dog has become very strange ever since having Josie!

1)  Coffee-dog is afraid of loud noises… So when Josie cries, Coffee’s natural instinct is to go and hide, but Coffee is also concerned about Josie, and so she always “stands guard” within eye-sight of Josie crying, making sure that I am doing something about it… and only when Coffee feels like Josie is being taken care of, then Coffee scampers off to hide in the front hall closet.

2)  Coffee-dog can’t stand when Diana or I pull at her fur, or kick her… but when Josie does it, she loves it!  She just sits there and takes it like a champ.  Josie is definitely in that stage of “My hands are like CLAMPS! YAY!”  it hurts when she grabs my beard, so i’m pretty sure Coffee is in a little bit of pain when she grabs her tail, or her face, or her fur.

3)  Coffee-dog wakes up more in the night then Josie.  Why?  I don’t know.  But if she barks, she wakes Josie up, so it’s easier just to put her out a couple times a night.  This is by far the most annoying side-effect of having a baby that we did not anticipate.

4)  Coffee-dog shares her food with Josie.  This will be a problem once Josie is old enough to try eating it… but for now, bewildered looks are fine!

5)  Coffee-dog is fond of licking Josie’s spit-up.  Classy!

When Josie is a toddler, I’m sure Coffee will be stoked on all the table cast-off’s she’ll be getting… For now, I think Coffee is pretty sceptical at her new playmate, but feels some sense of duty to protect her.  It’s pretty cute, watching them interact.