…er salad.

2014-3-24Diana, my wife, is the BEST!  every once in a while, i get these crazy food-diet-ideas into my head, and she goes along with them.  For example:
1)  I’ve recently decided that I need to eat salad as a meal at least once a day.  Diana has made AMAZING DELICIOUS and HEALTHY salads!  Not like the one I have pictured here today… left to my own devices, though…..  I should say: the cheese-burger salad is not my exclusive idea.  I know, I know, it’s genius… but I cannot claim the credit!  I was telling a buddy of mine about the salad diet scheme, and he was telling me that a salad diet is an easy diet because you can put anything on a salad and technically, it’s still a salad…  steak salad, cheese-cake salad, spaghetti and meatballs salad… and I realized it was true.
2)  Once in a while, I’ll decide that Cocacola is the devil, and she’ll go along with my week-or-two sugar fast!  and she LOVES coke!
3)  When I inevitably decide that my diet ideas were stupid, she’s right there with a delicious meal idea to heal my bruised ego!
4)  …Sometimes, Diana makes delicious pasta salad… and I put it on a plate, put a lot of cheese on it, and melt it in the microwave, and then I have delicious cheesy pasta!  The side-dish becomes an ENTRÉE!  …though I don’t think she especially likes when I do that.

ANYWAY!  Have a great week everyone!



Author: Rob Shauf

I make comics, I illustrate kids books, and I am passionate about digital art!

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